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Inauguration of racing season
Inauguration of racing season

Inauguration of racing season.

The 19 April 2008 year on Poznan course we coud watch the inauguration of Car Racing Championships of Poland.

New season has brought many surprises, among which the greatest was appearing of the new car – Renault Megane Trophy, what caused in breaking the hegemony of Porshe. It happemd thhanks to Karolina Czapka, who as first conquered Porshe and joined into rivalisation of the first position.

Godula Moto Sport Company, together with multiply Master of Poland ing. Andrzej Godula participated in preparing of the car for racings.

Karolina Czapka after dominating of class H-2000 decided to worse humors of guys from H-3500 class.

She is the only woman in clsiffication and has big chances to achieve another title of Master of Polnad. First time in history of Longdistance Car Masterships of Poland the women achieved pole position, conquering in qualifications two Porshe 997, Ferrari 360. We keep thumbs.

Our attention pays also second driver starting omn Renault Megane Trophy.
His name is Krzysztof Spyra, who seat for the first time behind the steers of a very strong car in longdistance specification Renault Megane Trophy Endurance.

Only bad luck and unfortunatelly accident prevented in achieving position on podium.

Lending of sports cars
Lending of sports cars

Lending of sports cars

We lend a car Seat Leon Supercopa.

There is a possibility of lending a car together with sports service, or lending only a car.

Proposed car got a Master of Poland title in 2007 year.

Seat is prepared for mountain, flat and long racings as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:


25 000 tests
25 000 tests

26 March our testbench has registered 25000 tests.  Meanwhile we have tuned 2430 cars, which means, that an average car needs 10 tests to satisfy our customer. During this time we had two clients who wanted to give the programme back to us. One of them was a French man, who decided that programme is to strong for him, other was a customer, who crashed his car and gave the programme back.
I know, that we have the opinion of the best tuning company in Poland and wish to maintain this opinion, that is why I promise that we will not decrease our quality and do tuning to fast and cheep method.

The prices by us you can negotiate, and the more dificult the programme, the bigger satisfaction I have and the lower price for the customer.

Dear Customers, if you wish the chiptuning done perfectly - welcome by Godula Moto Sport, if you don't mind the quality, but search only for cheep prices, you have to look elswhere.

Andrzej Godula


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