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Welcome everybody

We are doing our own business of camping cars to rent. An average camper car, as everybody know is big, heavy and with not really strong engine. That is why we decided to give into Mr. Andrzej Godula's hands one of ours cars, with the weakest engine.
As the first words of admiring Mr. Godula's professional attitude, I would like to say that he proposed solutions which didn't impact in the engine's damage, when anybody of our customers would make the kick-down.
The tuned car rised significantly with the power and the torque moment anyway, and all the past seson it was driven succesfully. I drove it also on my own and have great respect for the achieved effect of Mr. Godula's work.
When my collegues ask about the tuning of their cars, I send them immediately to Godula Moto Sport.

Warm regards and thanks for you Company.

Dominik Kogut ,

Hello,I have an honour to join the plenty of enjoyed customers Mr's Godula service, as many people know - the 20 times Master of Poland in racing championships.
I am the owner of Opel Vivaro 1,9 CDTI. Nice car, but with the significant turbo-hole.
Thanks to the Master and his team after aeveral hours of the work I have driven out of his workshop with the completely new car. Now my car behaves like a sport bolid and I have to carry out of the gas button not to overload - the acceleration is so great!
I truely recommend this Company. who treats so seriously the customers and their lovely cars!
Best greetings for Mrs. Dorota Godula and respect for her great motorisation knowledge.

With the flying greeting

 Leszek Mankowski 

Hi,Until now I thaught, that the cars vary only with the brand, model and the engine. I had to come to your Company from Zielona Góra (and it has payed) to see, that every car has it's soul. It's only imprescidible to draw from the car what's most precious.
Mr. Andrzej Godula and his fantastic team were able to draw from my little engine of the Renault Megane 1,5 dci (82 Horse Power) - 100 HP machine. I have the great pleasure of everyday using my car and since then I have the possibility to overtake the columns of the Trucks.
Thanks to the individual approach I feel on the road realy safety, and my car almost flows on every gear.
Warm regards and thanks for Mr. Godula and his team!
Best greetings also for his very simpatic wife, who poseses great motorisation knowledge, and the electronic Mr. Adam.

B.H. from Zielona Góra. My chip-tuning is the Individual Plus Programme.

I would like to put on your hands Mr. Andrzej great thanks and gratulations for the proffesional knowledge and the individual treatments of every customer and especially my car.

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